Self-defence training is a hit in Angurugu

03 January 2014
The Angurugu Women’s Centre was the scene for some rowdy work by the Alyangula Police recently.
Senior ACPO Trudy Tilley gets stuck in
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Senior Constable Marcus Tilbrook
Northern Region 4
Community Engagement Police officer

ACPOs Trudy Tilley and Betty Herbert worked with Senior Constable Marcus Tilbrook to provide some self-defence training for the younger women of Angurugu (on Thursday, 28 Nov 13). Betty and Marcus ran a workshop there the month before for some of the older women; it proved so popular that the Officers were back again to show some of the younger women what to do when confronted with dangerous situations.

Organised by Sarah Petith of GEMYDU (the Groote Eylandt and Milyakburra Youth Development Unit) the training is less ‘kung-fu’ than it is teaching some basis self-esteem methods, talking about what are – and what are not – dangerous places to be and risky things to do. With some talk about offender psychology and how to recognise when things are getting out of hand there was plenty of discussion and advice given about how to handle day-to-day situations.

Trudy and Sarah – as well as some of the braver participants – acted out various scenarios with Marcus acting as the potential offender. While many of the scenarios were based on what to do when visiting the unfamiliar environs of Katherine or Darwin some were based in Angurugu and one reducing the risk of escalation in domestic situations. Dealing with knives, blunt objects and being trapped were covered, as well as some of the basic all-out survival techniques that can be employed against an opponent.

The ten women who took part are a more confident, and tougher, group than when they started.