Policing in Warruwi with Constable Aaron Evans

18 February 2014
I believe small community policing is the fun side of policing.
Constable Evans outside the local school
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Engaging with the students at the local school of all different ages helps the kids to see the Police are here to help them and have fun. It’s a good opportunity to help create positive behaviours and its fun to get amongst what they are up to in school.

Elders and locals in the community are very nice people. They don’t say much at first but the more you speak to them they start to remember who you are and will call out to you as you drive past to say hello. Also when you find an interest of theirs they will tell you about it for hours. Some will talk to you about stuff and helps you target certain issues in the community.

The benefits from being out in the community are endless. I am working one on one with my Officer In Charge (OIC) everyday who is my partner/supervisor so I’m getting good experience passed straight down to me, front counter duties are picked up by myself and the OIC so I’m getting experience in that side of the job also which you wouldn’t get at a major station as the Auxiliaries do that side of the job.

The community at Warruwi are pretty quiet. I am getting in the community and engaging with people and learning how to work with people before going into a high volume station where I am flat out job after job. I believe this relief out at Warruwi is an awesome stepping stone for the foundations of my career.

“Constable Evans is regularly up at the school and whilst I was on Warruwi last week, we assisted a family with local matters, spoke to Shire Services Manager, Night Patrol, local indigenous arts shop managers and local residents. He is really making a good effort to engage with the local community and is enjoying the chance to do so. ”

Community Engagement Police Officer Arnhem, Constable First Class Paul Keightley.