NTES and Police train together at Kulgera to keep people safe

21 August 2014
The weekend of 8, 9 and 10 August marked a successful joint Northern Territory Emergency Service (NTES) and NT Police Road Crash Rescue training course held at the Kulgera Police Station.
NTES and Police training - Kulgera
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The training supported one of the key aims of the Regional and Remote Policing Model which places renewed importance on NTES units as vehicles to increase community participation in their own safety and general policing issues. 

The training was coordinated by NTES Area Manager John McMillan and attended by Police Personnel from Finke, Kulgera, Imanpa, Harts Range and the Southern Remote Community Engagement Team.

The training involved one afternoon of theory followed by two days of practical lessons.

The practical days involved the dismantling of three Ford Falcons utilising what is ironically called the Lukas ‘Light’ Rescue Kit, which is, contrary to its title, surprisingly heavy. These rescue tools included hydraulic spreaders, cutters and rams as well as various stabilising tools.

The participants proved their skills by completely dismantling the three Fords with not a roof, door or window left intact. It could be said that Officer in Charge (OIC) Remote Sergeant Michael Swain may have got a little carried away when he crawled into an overturned vehicle and fitted the hydraulic ram beneath the dashboard in an attempt to lift it. His effort was rewarded with minimal lift and maximum destruction, much to the hilarity of all present.

Of course an NTES training weekend would not be complete without a BBQ and Saturday night saw Remote Sergeant Swain and John McMillan put on a BBQ in the Kulgera Police Compound which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The training gave Police members a unique opportunity to dress in the well-known orange overalls and experience a small part of the valuable and often little known work that NTES Volunteers and staff do every day in order to aid and assist the local community.

Awards went to Constable Harry Vincent for ‘most attractive in orange’ and Remote Sergeant Swain for ‘best victim’.

Overall the weekend was a great success and showed how as a Tri-service we are uniquely positioned to achieve common goals and in a position of advantage which allows us to cross train and up-skill to keep people safe. 

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Story by Constable Nicholas Mitchell – Southern Command - Community Engagement Police Officer (CEPO)