Mutitjulu bike track, helping keep kids on track

17 December 2014
The bike track and ride afternoons bring together children of all ages, community members, service providers and Police to promote healthy physical activity.
Constable Nick Mitchell on the Mutitjulu Bike Track
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The Mutitjulu bike track was started several years ago with the assistance of Remote Sergeant Guascoine and community members. Since its inception the bike track and regular ride afternoons has been hugely popular with the local children and young people.

The track itself was built by Police with the assistance of Parks. The bikes were all purchased with the assistance of a grant from the Mutitjulu Foundation. An organisation set up to assist Mutitjulu and other communities with worthy programs.

The ultimate test of any successful community initiative has always been its longevity and its resilience to change. When measured against this standard the Mutitjulu bike track has come up trumps. It has continued on after several changes in Police personnel and is now being run by local Night Patrol and community members with the assistance of Police members when required.

The bike track has continued in its popularity and continues to both entertain the local kids and teach them important aspects of bike safety. It is envisaged that there will be clinics run to instruct on maintenance and skills so that community members can take part in mountain bike events in Alice Springs and beyond.

This great Police initiative is now in the hands of the community and continues to be a resounding success.