Maningrida Community Safety Action Plan gets signed off

28 February 2014
OIC Maningrida Sergeant Kim Chambers and I (East Arnhem Community Engagement Police Officer) attended a Maningrida Local Reference Group (LRG) late 2013 to have the Maningrida Community Safety Action Plan (CSAP) signed off by Community Safety Committee (CSC) members.
Maningrida Community Safety Plan
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By Senior Constable First Class Paul Keightley

CSC members include local Government Engagement Coordinator (GEC) and other LRG members, including local key elders one of whom is head lawman & Elder Jack Nawilil from Borlkdjam Station, some 50km south of Maningrida. 

I knew that old Jack had intended to be at the CSC meeting, and after not being able to contact him on the outstation phone, after the meeting I made a trip out to the Elders family’s outstation.  This was well received by the outstation’s Indigenous residents and various local issues were discussed, some of which are in the CSAP as goals.   Jack was happy with the contents of the Maningrida CSAP and was only too pleased to have a family photograph with myself. 

In my role as the East Arnhem Land CEPO I have been fortunate enough to develop good relationships with many local people including old Jack.  A bottle of the police officers hot chilli relish is also something old Jack loved receiving to put on his buffalo meat.   Small efforts like this by Police are really appreciated by isolated residents of Arnhem Land and I believe goes a long way towards improving relationships between Police and Arnhem Land residents.