Kicking goals in Peppimenarti

23 June 2014
Peppimenarti Police members have been working very closely with the local school and their staff to provide positive messages about the value of attendance at school and education.
Remote Sergeant Karl Gunderson with a student at Peppimenarti School
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By Remote Sergeant Karl Gundersen

Police Officers Remote Sergeant Karl Gundersen and Constable Andrew Bravos have been participating regularly in games of soccer with the children during their morning PE classes; as well as attending the school assembly’s to present gifts and awards to those children identified by staff for putting in exceptional effort during the week.

One initiative developed by then Remote Sergeant Karl Gundersen and continuing under the new Remote Sergeant Brentley Holmes is to reward those students with high attendance for the week with Australian Rules football.

“An Aussie Rules footy is a great tool for members in remote communities to engage and work closely with the young people to send positive life messages to them through sport and participation,” Remote Sergeant Gundersen said.

“Seeing the kids with smiles on their faces, happy, healthy and attending school every day is a massive positive. To have the opportunity to kick the footy with them on the oval and talk with each individual one on one about community life and what they see offers us an amazing insight into their world as they see it.”

“It is a great pleasure to work so closely with so many dedicated and passionate people at the school who give their all to the students to ensure they provide a positive and nurturing environment for the children.”

With the attendance at the school up in the high 90% range, the local Police want this trend to continue and keep the community strong.