Home run at Peppi

06 October 2014
Bulldogs won 19-15 over the Tigers.
Bulldogs vs Tigers
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Remote Sergeant Jennifer Pocock

We noticed a few of the kids and community members here in Peppimenarti didn’t leave and go to their outstations for holidays and were sitting around throwing rocks at trees, bored.

Constable Canning and I made posters and advertised a holiday softball day. We had an outstanding turn out with 70% of the community (over 100 people) attending.  The teams were Bulldogs (R/Sgt Pocock's team) vs Tigers (Constable Canning's team).

Bulldogs won 19-15 over the Tigers.

The highlight was when one of the oldest ladies in the community hit a home run!

We were lucky enough to get the store to provide a BBQ and soft drinks which Constable Canning manned, the whole community of Peppi enjoyed the day!