Community safety talks at Hermannsburg

16 April 2014
NT Police Constables William Caskey and Zac Sheehan were invited to the Hermannsburg community basketball court in early April to talk to Ntaria School students about the importance of fire and water safety.
Constable Caskey & Sheehan talking to Ntaria School students
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The year six students who are a part of a Junior Rangers Program in Hermannsburg made two banners and presented them banners to the Officers' after their fire safety talk.  The banners will be placed around the community to help remind everybody of the importance of fire safety.

The Officer’s also took the opportunity to discuss bullying and the impact is has on a person and the community. They reminded the kids that they all live together and that everyone needs to be respectful of one another. The kids love the interaction with Police and were really interested in what the Officer’s had to say.