Community Safety Committee gaining momentum in Ali Curung

31 March 2014
Ali Curung is a remote Aboriginal community, located approximately 172kms South of Tennant Creek.
Lucy Jackson, Barry Freeman, Frank Curtis, Declan Douglas, Bob Cullen, Shontell Doherty, and Russell Billings.
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By Mark Luppi
Community Engagement Police Officer (CEPO)
Barkly Region

The Ali Curung Community Safety Committee (CSC) was formed in October 2013, to write up and implement its ‘Community Safety Action Plan’.    

Since then, the Ali Curung CSC has met monthly and established a solid foundation through mutual respect and a real desire to make Ali Curung a safer place to live and work.

The latest meeting was held on Wednesday 26th March 2014, with Acting Sergeant Declan Douglas and CEPO Mark Luppi chairing the meeting. Most stakeholders attended, including Lucy Jackson (Indigenous Engagement Officer), Barry Freeman (Government Engagement Co-ordinator), Frank Curtis (School Attendance Officer), Bob Cullen (Night Patrol Local Manager), Shontell Doherty (Alekarege School Principal), and Russell Billings (Barkly Regional Council).

All local issues are discussed and realistic local solutions are implemented to solve local problems with the aid of the whole community.

It is not just another meeting, but an active forum for positive change in the community.