Borroloola gets its CSAP

13 March 2014
Thanks to the solid groundwork by the previous OIC of Borroloola, Sergeant Ian Young, and the organisation of Senior Constable Bryan Atkinson - the new Senior Sergeant and Sergeant at Borroloola now have a Community Safety Committee and a Community Safety Action Plan agreed to and signed in their second week after arriving.
Mayor Tony Jack, Sen Const Bryan Atkinson, Sen ACPO Noel Dixon, Sgt Andrea Turner, Sen Sgt Dan Davison and the women from the School Attendance Program with the newly signed Borroloola Community Safety Action Plan.
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More than one hundred community residents assembled on the lawns of the Borroloola Police Station at 10am Thursday morning (20th February) to hear the new OIC, Sergeant Andrea Turner, outline the plan. This was readily agreed to and Senior Constable Atkinson and Senior ACPO Noel Dixon circulated collecting signatures while she took questions and suggestions about how the town will deal with its issues generally and responded with how she saw police being involved with that.

Senior Sergeant Dan Davison outlined his role and that he was also responsible for the communities of Numbulwar, Ngukurr, Minyerri and Mataranka, as well as Borroloola. He stressed that Sergeant Andrea Turner was the Officer in Charge and this was well-received. Andrea has been busy meeting clan leaders and agency representatives since she arrived there a couple of weeks ago – a week ahead of her husband, who was attending a development program. Both joined the NT Police from the Victoria Police through the Accelerated Recruitment Program a few years ago and are finding the experience at Borroloola quite different from their previous lives as detectives, both in Victoria and here in the Northern Territory.

They both agree that it is time for them to get out there into remote Territory and to take in everything that it has to offer. They look forward to the challenge!