A safer place in Ali Curung

20 February 2014
Ali Curung Night Patrol and local Police are working together to make Ali Curung a safer place.
Barkly Regional Night Patrol Manager Ralph Adamo, local Night Patrol Manager Bob Cullen and Remote Sergeant Chris Ericksen
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Constable First Class Mark Luppi
CEPO, Barkly Region

On Wednesday 19th February, 2014 the local Ali Curung Community Safety Committee meeting was held, with many local and regional stakeholders attending. One of the meeting’s agenda items was the Ali Curung Night Patrol, whose current emphasis is on child safety within the community.

Police and Night Patrol will assist each other in targeting truancy; ensuring kids get to School and keep them out of trouble and away from potential harm.   This is in addition to tackling regular disturbance issues in the community.

The Ali Curung Night Patrol has a new local Manager - Bob Cullen, who lives in the Community. Mr Cullen and Barkly Night Patrol Regional Manager, Ralph Adamo, attended the Community Safety Committee meeting in support of the Community Safety Action Plan, with local Police Officers, Acting Sergeant Chris Ericksen and Senior Constable Declan Douglas chairing the meeting.

The Barkly Region Community Engagement Police Officer (CEPO), Constable Mark Luppi was also present during the meeting to support Acting Sergeant Chris Ericksen and to engage with the Ali Curung community.

Local Police at Ali Curung are working closely with all sectors of the community to keep people safe in the Barkly.