Willowra - five fast facts with Ian Plowright

22 May 2013
Why Remote?
I joined in 2008 and in 2011 I applied for a position with Operation THEMIS and was sent to a remote station that I had never heard off, Willowra.
Ian Plowright
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I’m married with four kids and thought it could be a good experience, support my family but also give me a taste for the higher duties as a Remote Sergeant.  I’ve been provided with  reasonable and comfortable accommodation, financial incentives, and FOILS and my Supervisor has worked hard to get me back to my family when I’ve requested it.

How’s it differ from your last posting?

I was in Palmerston so unless it’s a repeat offender you don’t really know who you’re  dealing with but in the community you get to know everybody and once you’ve spent time talking to the community members they really open up and you become an important part of their community.

Most Interesting job

The riots in January were a bit different. There’s not a rule book to help you with that so you learn to think quick on your feet. Whilst it can be nerve racking we weren’t concerned about our own safety as the antagonism is not directed at police. Knowing the community really helps as we could speak to both parties and talk them down.

Things to do

We often head to the cattle station and hang out with the station workers. You get to Love the Serenity! We work with neighbouring remote stations so we’re not always tied to the one location but definitely have a ‘soft’ spot for our post. Each area has their own unique interests and you travel to Alice Springs on a regular basis which gives an opportunity to experience policing across Southern Command. It’s always busy but you can set your own pace. I’ve enjoyed my time in Central Desert Division so much so I continued to extend deployments and stayed for nearly 18 months.

Should members try Willowra?

Definitely do it. It gives you a break from day to day city events and you learn so many new things. The people in the community are very welcoming and treat you as one of their own which is very satisfying.