Wadeye weekend by CEPO Sarah Kings

11 June 2013
Three Zorb balls, a fire truck, colouring-in activities, balloon animals, two local officers, a Sport and Rec Coordinator and over 100 kids is a recipe for Fun! (chaos is also another word that springs to mind.)
Firing up the fire truck
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Chicken Oval was the place to be in mid May thanks to the assistance of Wadeye based Probationary Constable Damien Clarke and NTFRS Station Officer Brendon Magnoli.

Over 100 local children attended the oval and enjoyed the fun and activities with the Zorb balls and the Fire Truck the winning favourites.

The event was no secret and if it was we were in trouble as the cheers, laughter, beeping of the fire truck horn and sirens were heard in Western Australia.

This has been the best part of policing – getting involved with the community and coordinating events and activities that benefit them. It’s one thing to bring everyone together but at the same time we’re showing that community members of all ages can speak openly with Police and feel comfortable with us in their community.

While the kids had fun the weekend wasn’t all about them. Homemade scones and hot pancakes along with a nice cuppa was definitely the winning combination at the Wadeye Mothers Day Morning Tea held the day after the Kids Fun Day.

I was assisted by my trusty Kids Day helpers as well as the ladies from the Wadeye Women’s Centre and the fantastic New Zealand three from Catholic Care -  Fraser, Peter and Dave who played in the band and provided some lovely music for the Mothers to enjoy their special day.

Over 80 women and children attended the morning tea, all enjoying yummy food and the entertainment.

It was fantastic to see all the ladies from Aged Care there enjoying the event, along with so many other Mothers, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers and children.

What a fantastic sight it was to see this whole community enjoy themselves whether they were kids or us “big kids.” Our day was incident free and since then people from Wadeye are actively seeking me out to say hello so it’s been a great weekend to strengthen relationships and show the community we want to work with them for their benefit.