Vertical rescue California style

02 August 2013
“We Search So Others May Live”.
Vertical rescue California Style
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This is the motto of the Tehachapi Mountains Search and Rescue (TMSR) group located in Mojave, California. TMSR respond to distress calls from all over the Tehachapi Mountains, up to the Kernville area, over to Highway 223, to Frazier Park and out on the Mojave Desert, they are a specialised team training for and responding to mountain search and rescue.

TMSR are a dedicated group of volunteers led by Captain Jeff Snyder, veteran of more than 24 years in search and rescue, who meet twice a month to maintain skills.

NT Emergency Service (NTES) Alice Springs volunteer, Michelle Thomas recently had the opportunity to train with Captain Snyder and his team whilst on holidays in the US of A. Utilising skills gained whilst volunteering for NTES, Michelle embarked on terrain hiking, abseiling and vertical rescue.

TMSR were extremely welcoming, excited to share what they were about with Michelle. Regularly people across the world contact TMSR to train with them and learn off them but rarely do these people show up, Michelle was the exception!

“It was exciting meeting volunteers from around the other side of the world and being able to swap stories and learn new and different techniques; without NTES I would never have had this amazing opportunity” Michelle said.

NTES have a vertical rescue team in Darwin and Alice Springs, giving Michelle the base skills required to be able to train with this team. The techniques she has leanrt while training with TMSR can strengthen NTES vertical rescue teams training and response.

Well-done Michelle!