Successful partnerships at Santa Teresa

27 December 2013
Community safety is not just a Police priority but is at the heart of all members of every community.
NT Police and Night Patrol members at Santa Teresa
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Senior Constable 1/C Jen Hamilton
Community Engagement Police Officer, Central Region

A partnership between NT Police and Night Patrol is a high priority for both organisations in the community.  These organisations tackle many of the same challenges that confront all organisations which address the needs of the community.

With a direction of shared understanding, clear objectives, and consultation with stakeholders a shared vision was formed.  The result of which would be greater than the sum of their individual capabilities. The evidence of this partnership I have seen best exemplified in Santa Teresa.

There has been a conscious and visible effort by the local Police, Mike Marsh and Shane Blanchard, John Wallace the team leader at the MacDonnell Shire, Night Patrol and his crew Terry Alice and Lauren Bloomfield, towards making this partnership work as well as it does.

Last weekend I witnessed the cohesion when I worked at Santa Teresa. The respect from each member of the teams was clearly evident. Joint reassurance patrols portrayed the positive working relationship to the community members who appeared to take pride in ownership of the organisations.

From the trust and respect that has been achieved Night Patrol is able to confidently pass on information of illegal activity to NT Police and know that the information will be acted on and the source of the information will not be revealed.

Well done Santa Teresa!