SOC wins the day

14 March 2013
What was meant to be a casual affair inviting DIAC, AFP and Serco representatives to the Special Operations Command (SOC) to hear about what the Commands been doing and enjoy a light lunch turned into a serious incident involving a range of NTPOL units.
Our mounted Unit have returned to a frontline GD asset
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Senior Sergeant of MPG, Warren Jackson, received a report of an incident at Lee Point.

What unfolded saw Dogs, Mounted Unit, MPG, TRG, Ambulance and Fire and Rescue Service deployed to Lee Point. Snr Sgt Jackson addresses the members: “Darwin asylum seekers have broken out of the detention centre and are loitering outside the gates.

Inside, Serco is trying to regain control but are not succeeding. A fire has been lit in the compound area and Serco staff have been assaulted. Missiles are being thrown, protesters are rioting, the compound is out of control. It’s everything the Special Operations Command have been training for and they’ve been requested to take control of the compound area to regain order.”

Our guests could only watch on as precise commands were given and MPG moved in with their shield formations to push back aggressive protesters, the horses executed fence line tactics to overpower crowds and the dogs were deployed to bring down an antagonist.

But this was just to get inside the compound. From there a protective cordon was used to bring in Fire and Rescue Service to put out the fire lit by the aggressor. Luckily, no one was hurt in the process however St John were on stand by at the front gate ready to assist if required.

Room sweeps of the compound did not reveal more aggressors however, information was relayed to the Public Safety Unit (PSU) Commander that the DIAC, AFP and Serco guests had been taken as hostages and were trapped within the compound surrounded by a hostile crowd.

TRG were deployed to get in and identify the hostages before taking them to a hostage reception area while MPG keep things under control outside the compound.

The interoperability of all units ensured the facility was brought back to order and Special Operations could hand back to Serco.

While it was a training exercise, the capability display depicted a real life and probable example of what would occur if tensions rise within a detention centre.

Guests were very impressed with the display and commented that it was a great example of how NTPOL communicate effectively and work together to achieve the desired outcome.

A Canberra representative from DIAC also commented that it was much more engaging and exciting than a powerpoint presentation.