NTES crane rescue exercise

19 March 2013
Sunbuild invited Northern Territory Emergency Service Darwin Vertical Rescue Team to undertake a rescue exercise from the Tower Crane ON THEIR Salonika St site in Darwin.
Crane exercise team.
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The scenario is that the Crane Operator becomes ill/collapses in the crane cabin and can not get down from the crane. The OH&S plan is written to involve the NTES VRT in this situation. It is common to have the crane available to undertake stretcher retrieval of injured workers from the site; however the crane operator is often overlooked as the potential casualty.

After a briefing the VR team and ground crew went about their jobs, preparing equipment that needed to be taken up the top of the crane and kept on the ground. For the VR team this was an opportunity to assess appropriate anchor points, and become aware of the hazards involved with undertaking a rescue from an area that has limited and difficult access, requires some physical effort to reach the casualty, has a dynamic structure which can affect the choice of anchor points and is of a significant height.

The team performed in a professional manner with great communication throughout the exercise and the task was successfully completed without incident.

“This exercise is great opportunity for the NTES VR team and ground crew to practice their response capability to ensure that actual emergencies can be managed efficiently and effectively.” Team Leader Dugdell said.