NT Police & NTES hanging out at Shepherdson College, Galiwin’ku

16 August 2013
‘All in a hard day’s work’ for NT Police and NT Emergency Service at Galiwin’ku, when Shepherdson College requested their assistance in providing a water activity for the local kids.
Action shot. The teacher has just put more suds down, ready to slip and slide.
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NTES member Simon Page made himself available on short notice, manning the hose ‘like a boss,’ ensuring the kids had a blast! ACPO Bettina Danganbarr was on crowd control duty, making sure all kids had a turn and the line moved quickly, not too hard as the children were so well-behaved! Senior Constable Tim Wethers kept a watchful eye on proceedings, enjoying the day with the kids.

There were many huge smiles and a great deal of laughter throughout the water slide activity, a brilliant day was had by the local kids, NT Police and NTES alike!

It’s great for members of the Tri-service to be able to work together out of operational duties and have a laugh, get to know one another as well engage with the community ‘all in a day’s work!’