Humpty Doo Volunteer Santa Run

16 December 2013
Humpty Doo Volunteer Fire Brigade once again delighted kids and adults on their annual Santa Run around the Humpty Doo rural area.
Decorated trucks
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The vollies decked out Santa’s sleigh as a vintage fire engine and with the absence of reindeers, probably due to the hot weather, was escorted by the stations grassfire units and tankers.

Santa handed out gift bags containing fruit, water and fruit juice but with the odd lollie or two thrown in for the festive season.

The vollies have been engaging the community for well over 15 years with their Santa Run and this is a huge community event with the vollies dedicating a lot of time and effort to the festivities.

Surrounding volunteer Brigades such as Koolpinya also carry on this tradition which is a much loved community initiative. Well Done!