GP dog Allo demonstrates her skills in Wadeye Community

25 November 2013
Sergeant Scott Rose, OIC of Wadeye Police Station bravely strapped on the bite arm and volunteered to be the offender in a demonstration with GP Dog Allo and his handler Senior Constable 1/C Chris McKellar.
Sergeant Rose as the offender
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CEPO Senior Constable Sarah Kings

Sergeant Rose and members from Wadeye Police Station gathered the Elders of the community and their families, along with the local TV station reporters and camera crew to the front of Wadeye Police Station to demonstrate some of the abilities of General Purpose (GP) Police dogs and their uses in policing in the NT.

Sergeant Rose, as the offender, armed himself with a tomahawk and a steel bar and began banging them on steel poles at the front of the station, yelling at McKellar and Allo as he stomped towards them to simulate a ‘real life’ scenario.

The offender was given verbal directions by McKellar to put the weapons down but instead he ran off along the station footpath.  He was unable to get very far as Allo was let off her leash.  She ran down the offender, taking him to ground.

The local crowd were so impressed by the work of Allo and very excited to have her in the community to assist that they were not going to settle with just one demonstration and their encore for another was successful as Sergeant Rose braved the bite of Allo for a second time.

The Elders of the community were extremely grateful as were their families to have Senior Constable 1/C McKellar and his dog Allo in Wadeye Community to assist with the recent community unrest. They were also very grateful to Sergeant Rose for braving the bite arm and demonstrating to the community what the GP Police dogs can and will do on the job.

The demonstration is currently being run on the local Wadeye TV channel BRACS to show all community members what the Police Dogs can do and why they are in the community.