Fire recruits get UGLY

06 November 2013
Our recruits show us just how UGLY (Understanding, Generous Likeable You) they can be with their support for local charities throughout their training course.
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The 14 recruits jumped at the chance to get involved in the Leukaemia Foundation’s UGLY Bartender initiative and set up a challenge course for Bartenders across the Top End.

New recruit Gary Burns said it was good to get involved in this initiative and also beneficial for the Fire and Rescue Service as they’re showcasing some of the activities they are involved in.

“The Fire and Rescue UGLY Bartenders charity event was great fun for all of us. We set it up and had eight UGLY Bartenders racing to put on our full kit uniform and drag a dummy, roll out some hose, carry a stretcher and then knock over a drum with a jet of water.

“We also blind folded them and they had to carry a tray of drinks whilst dodging tyres – with some hilarious outcomes and $450 to contribute to the winning bar tenders UGLY total.

“As Fire Fighters we are all about helping the community so getting to be involved in supporting local community activities while we’re still in the College has been a win-win,” he said.

Station Officer for the Training and Development Unit, David Lines, said each squad is encouraged to get involved in community activities.

“We’ve had partnerships with the Australian Red Cross and the Cancer Council in the past but it’s up to each Squad to be involved in something that interests them.

“This recruit squad have really embraced the opportunity to engage with community and been involved in the Camp Quality Candy Jam as well as supporting the UGLY Bartender for the Leukaemia Foundation.

This Recruit Squad will graduate at the Darwin Fire and Rescue Station on Thursday 19 December 2013 following 16 weeks of training.