Embracing the Galiwinku lifestyle

31 July 2013
By Greg Munn, Unit Officer
NTES, Galiwinku
My wife and I originally came to Galiwinku for three months; that was three years ago and as you’ve no doubt realised, we love it here.
Greg Munn Barra fishing
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A laid back, friendly lifestyle, beautiful scenery and exceptional fishing.   Moving from inland Victoria, this has really been a sea change for our family.  Even before our move to the Territory, my background involved emergency management, specifically with the Country Fire Authority (CFA) as both a staff member and a volunteer.  In fact, although residing in the NT, I am still considered a current volunteer with the Rural Fire Brigade in Victoria.

NTES Galiwinku covers emergency management events occurring within the township of Galiwinku, Elcho Island, the Wessels Island group and the surrounding ocean.  NTES Galiwinku is a relatively new unit and therefore the training and incidents that are occur here are generally brand new experiences for most of us.  Although interesting, you couldn’t hope for better group of people to work with.

Recently we were fortunate to acquire a new headquarters for our volunteer unit.  It’s great to have a central meeting place and storage area; likewise we feel privileged to command a fire truck and a new fire trailer (which has now well and truly been christened at over 4 incidents).  We are currently waiting on a new coastal boat for the Unit which should offer further training opportunities and increase our unit’s capability.  We appreciate all the work that was done by all the people who came before us to achieve this; their hard yards mean that our community benefits from these major assets.

NTES Galiwinku contains a diverse group of volunteers with a variety of skill levels and talents.  Formal training is generally well attended and greatly appreciated.  We are extremely grateful to our employers who allow us to take time away from our regular duties to assist our local community  Marthakal Homelands Resource Centre, in particular deserves recognition for their donations and support.

We might not be big in numbers, but we are definitely big in heart.  Make sure you pop in and say hello next time you are down our way.  The NTES Galiwinku Volunteer Unit meets at 6pm on the third Thursday of the month at Galiwinku Volunteer Unit (behind the Police Station).