Croc wrangling...all in a days work for remote coppers!

16 October 2013
OIC Heath Birrer, Minjilang Police Station
Getting to work
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Members of Minjilang community had seen some crocodile tracks around the community in the last couple of days, some very close to residential houses. Rangers and elders believe this is due to inland waterways drying and crocs are looking for food and heading towards water; these waterways are a few kilometres from the community.

Unfortunately for the croc, he strolled into town, down past the school and stopped a short distance from the community store. With the dogs were going berserk, some local children saw him on the road not too much longer Police and Rangers received a phone call from community members at about 12:30am and made their way down to the store.

OIC Minjilang Heath Birrer and Constable First Class John Terry worked with Rangers to capture and relocate the crocodile over a period of three hours. The whole community decided it was a great time to be up and came down to check out the action.

After a good fight from the 3.2m croc, he was bound with gaffer tape and tied with rope so he could be moved safely. The croc was released at Palm Bay in a location away from the community.
Wrangle a croc...Bucket list just got shorter!