Thumbs up for Metropolitan Patrol Group

28 December 2012
It may sound like the title of the next Tom Cruise action movie but Public Order Team Two from the Metropolitan Patrol Group, have completed their intensive training with a showcase to the Commissioner and other Executive.
Riot shield
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Involving MPG, dogs and horses, the demonstration showcased the tactical options and diverse situations in which this unit may be deployed.

Responding to scenarios of groups of rowdy drunks refusing to move on, street disorder involving rock and bottle missiles and a house invasion were all part of the showcase.

Commissioner, John McRoberts was impressed with the training of SOC personnel and believes it to be a very important unit to provide a specific, timely response to large scale incidents within the Territory.

“Just watching these scenarios gave me goose bumps. I am very impressed with the professionalism and effectiveness of these demonstrations which will translate into real life incidents.

“I commend all of the men and women of Special Operations Command who have taken up the challenge of this kind of police work. It’s not for everyone. It’s a hard and heavy type of policing role.

“It is great to have this form of capability within the Northern Territory and I know that the public will take notice of this team of trained professionals,” he said.

Special Operations Command Capability Manager, Michael Homden, said the team have been working very hard to train in these public order tactics to provide a unique response team for the Northern Territory.

“This team of individuals are among the most committed and professional I have ever seen in my international experience and they are genuinely passionate about providing this unique capability for the Northern Territory.

“More Public Order Training will take place early in the New Year and by the time we officially launch in late February we will have an impressive capability and a large response group of highly trained professionals of MPG, dogs and Mounted patrol – it’s an exciting time for the Northern Territory Police Force,” he said.