Sizzling effort raises $4000

04 June 2012
A huge round of applause to our 16 Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service recruits and three instructors who not only successfully and safely completed the 12.7 kilometre City to Surf run but did so in full structural firefighting uniform!
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The Recruit Course Coordinator, Leading Firefighter Ryan Clay, said the group managed to complete Sunday’s run in 1 hour 35 minutes and 59 seconds.

“An event of this duration, wearing this uniform, has never been undertaken by members of the NTFRS in recent history so there was some concern prior to the race about being able to complete the race in a safe and reasonable time,” Leading Firefighter Clay said.

“However once underway a steady pace and a good rhythm was set which carried us to the finish.”

He said members of the group, which included one woman, had varying responses to the gruelling challenge.

“Some recruits found the run enjoyable and barely a challenge but others struggled both physically and mentally with the prospect of running 12.7kms in full gear,” Leading Firefighter Clay said.

“There was a definite sense of achievement at the finish line as the runners had been able to complete a challenge that would not be part of their normal work duties.”

While the final tally won’t be known for a week or so, the group estimates it raised around $4000, which will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“Northern Territory Fire & Rescue Recruit Squad 1.2012, on behalf of the Make-A-Wish foundation Australia, would like to thank all those who donated money and for those who organised the event,” Firefighter Clay said.

“Money has mainly been raised via recruits rattling the bucket and seeking donations from friends, family and the general public.”

What an amazing effort. Well done to all our runners!