Road crash rescue

04 July 2012
Nick Bell has been a Firefighter for 25 years, attending too many traumatic road crash rescues to possibly keep count.
Watch Commander Nick Bell
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While the attached article is completely fictional, it is based on a compilation of real scenes and experiences which Nick, as a Firefighter, has had to attend alongside his colleagues.

Warning, because this article is based on real experiences from real road crash scenes, it contains some graphic details. It is not intended to offend, but to raise road safety awareness. It can be viewed or downloaded in PDF form from the link below.

About the Author - Nick Bell

Road Crash Rescue by Nick Bell

Nick Bell was born in Papua New Guinea and migrated to Australia at ten years of age. After four years in Sydney his family moved to Darwin where he completed his schooling. Nick spent two years working on a cattle station involved in horseback cattle muster and bull catching. Following that, he spent a year in the desert region on the Alice Springs to Darwin gas pipeline as the First Aid Attendant with a crew of two hundred men.

Upon returning to Darwin, Nick joined the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service, (NTFRS) in 1987. He has served in the capacity as a Fireman, Senior Fireman and Station Officer. Nick is now the Watch Commander of “C” Watch and when on duty, is the Operational Commander of the NTFRS resources at various emergencies in the Darwin Metropolitan and Rural districts.

Nick has operational command and leadership experience at incidents as diverse as structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous chemical spills, cliff rescues, major grassfires, gas leaks, bomb threats and all other related emergencies that the NTFRS responds to.

Nick is married with two children and his interests include; French language studies, personal fitness, reading and the cinema. He has travelled extensively throughout; Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Western Europe and the United Kingdom.