Changeover of the NT Police uniform

20 July 2012
The NT Police uniform project is nearing completion with all police officers throughout the Territory to start wearing the new design as of Monday 23 July.
NT Police in new blue uniform
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The NT Police Uniform project is nearing completion with all Police Officers throughout the Territory to start wearing the new design as of Monday 23 July.

While the Southern Region Police Officers have been wearing the uniform since February, the complete roll out scheduled for early in the 2012/2013 financial year has now arrived.

As of 7am Monday morning, the NT Police Force will be wearing the blue uniform, resulting from the majority vote following an NT Electoral Commission ballot held on 8 March 2011.

This uniform was trialled with other variations before being recommended by the Police Uniform Committee to proceed to the ballot stage.

The exact same uniform presented for the ballot is the version being rolled out, and as has already been rolled out throughout the Southern Region in February.

Commander Jamie Chalker, Chair of the Police Uniform Committee said he is pleased to see the finalisation of this aspect of the project.

“The Uniform Committee has presented a uniform that is ‘fit for purpose’, professional and of good quality which was supported by a majority vote.

“I have received both written and verbal feedback supporting the uniform that was ultimately selected.

“Most importantly, this feedback has come from those Police Officers who have been wearing it for over six months through the day to day rigours of operational policing.”

The Northern Territory Police Force is comprised of dedicated and committed people. I am very proud of the work of the Uniform Committee that I have been fortunate to be a part of and am pleased that we have provided our Officers with a much improved uniform to enable them to perform their duties.” Commander Chalker said.

The Police Uniform Committee will continue to encourage Police Officers to provide constructive feedback, both negative and positive, to ensure a contemporary uniform is maintained.

Click here for background Information on the ballot, history of the uniform and the roll out to the Southern Region Police in February.