New bibles for NTPFES

17 December 2012
The Bible Society in Australia has generously provided the Northern Territory Police Fire and Emergency Services with the complete Bible – Including the Old and New Testaments.
The new bible cover.
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The bibles are custom made for the Territory with photos of the Tri-service inside the front cover.

The Bible Society has printed 3,000 copies with funding coming from their own fund raising efforts and they will be made available to all members wishing to have a copy.  Copies will also be sent to every station.

Peter Wright OAM, Senior Chaplain for the Northern Territory Tri-Service said he would like to think that members will find in the pages strength, understanding and guidance for personal, family and work life.

“This book not only points us to God but gives direction in how to live life to the full. I would invite all members to sample this book that has made a powerful contribution to the lives of many people throughout history, and still does today.”

The Chaplain also thanked the Bible Society on behalf of all NTPFES members. The Bible Society is a non-denominational Christian organisation who print and distribute Bibles around the world. Many organisations are invited to receive copies for their members at no cost.