New Gapuwiyak NTES Unit

16 May 2012
The Gapuwiyak Northern Territory Emergency Services (NTES) Unit is now officially up and running!
gapuwiyak vollies
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The Unit has recruited a total of 20 people from various occupations and diverse backgrounds, including several Yolngu members who provide a wealth of local knowledge and can also act as interpreters.

Last Friday, 11 May, all volunteers at the unit received brand new uniforms and certificates for completing the 'Volunteer Member Induction Course' and 'First Aid Course'.

NTES Area Manager Arnhem Preston Higgins presented the volunteers with the certificates of attainment. He also presented Gapuwiyak Unit Officer Sharon Wunungmurra with a certificate of appointment issued by NTES Director Peter Davies.

On the same weekend Darwin NTES Unit Officer Mark Fishlock (a volunteer himself) conducted the two-day NTES 'Map Reading & Navigation Course' which was also attended by all three Gapuwiyak Police Officers. This course enhanced Officers’ policing skills which will allow them to work along side NTES in the event of a search and rescue type of event.

Their new skills were quickly put to good use as just 20 minutes after the training course was completed, Police received a call that a local young man had headed off on foot to walk to an outstation. He intended to visit family but had failed to arrive, raising safety concerns. The new NTES members responded immediately and found the young man safe and well in record time.