Maningrida bust up 2012 – liars, legends & losers

14 December 2012
For the 4th successive year Megan Gray and NTES volunteers from Maningrida (MERGS) have organised and run a weekend fishing competition.
Ian and Wayne
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On the 10th & 11th of November this year we ran the event again and it was a huge success and we mean that in every way. Saturday and Sunday saw 17 boats of various sizes and capabilities hit the water before 6.00 am each day to try and out fish, out wit and out manoeuvre each other. They all headed off with full bellies as the NTES Volunteers provided a 5.30am bacon and egg breakfast.

The biggest barra caught and released for the weekend measured a whopping 98cm. Anglers didn’t just focus on barramundi; many other species were caught over the weekend including golden snapper, coral trout, saddle tail sea perch (nannygai), giant trevally and queen fish.

The event is held each year to raise money for the Maningrida NTES volunteers. Throughout the comp NTES vollies also assisted with boat safety, marine patrols and as ‘Sober Bob’ from the barge landing. We managed to raise a total cash pool of $5,100; with this money volunteers are able to purchase vital emergency equipment to assist in emergency rescues and come to aid of people of Maningrida and surrounding areas.

NTES Maningrida (MERG) would like to thank Meg for all the hard work and dedication she has shown in running this competition.

Thank you also to all our sponsors for the event.