Licenced to Drive

05 April 2012
A recent 'Road Safety' initiative, in which the NT Police have an informal partnership with Charles Darwin University, has given 25 residents of the Marpuru outstation the gift of freedom and independence - a driver’s licence.
The group of very proud participants with their certificates alongside Constable David GREGORY and Remote Sergeant Gary COLES
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In recent months, CDU Language Lecturer and Marpuru resident, Mr John Greatorex, conducted lessons at the school on road rules and road safety in preparation for the exam. All students learnt the rules to a standard where they were ready to sit their exams for the NT Learner Drivers Licence, including a 57-year-old woman who had never held a licence.

On Friday the 23rd March, Constable Josh Nicholls, Constable David Gregory and Remote Sergeant Gary Coles from Gapuwiyak flew to the Marpuru outstation to conduct the Learner Driver’s test for the eagerly awaiting and now very knowledgeable residents.

Inside a classroom at the outstation school, a total of 25 applicants sat and proudly passed their Learner Driver's test. At the completion of the process, each successful applicant was issued a Section 13A Receipt until the MVR process the paperwork and issue the proper licence document.

There are about 100 residents and 49 students registered at the school at the Marpuru outstation. The outstation is a nice and peaceful place where there is apparently no crime and of most importance, no domestic violence. They can now claim a very high compliance rate of persons at Marpuru being licenced drivers.

Gapuwiyak Police will be returning to the outstation in six months to conduct driving tests for each of the applicants to obtain their Probationary Driver's Licence.