Junior Police Rangers Graduate turns life around

27 November 2012
The Junior Police Ranger program continues to produce the next generation of leaders in our community with the Graduation of Group 25.
Ansumana Mansaray
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In February 2010, 30 Junior Police Rangers commenced a three year leadership development program undertaking training activities including map reading and navigation, first aid, bush survival skills, public speaking and volunteer work.

Of the 30 JPR who commenced, 20 graduated in November, one student who benefited greatly from program was Ansumana Mansaray.

Originally from Liberia, Ansumana and his family migrated to neighbouring country Sierra Leone in 2002 to seek refuge from the deadly civil war. They spent the following six years in Jembe refugee camp in the southern part of Sierra Leone.

In 2008 Ansumana and his family resettled in Darwin and faced many challenges adjusting to his new life in Australia both at home and at school.

Sanderson Middle School Principal Jan Moore said Ansumana started off as somewhat of an uncertain Year 7 student. He was a boy who responded without often thinking about what he did.

Variety NT stepped in and offered to sponsor Ansumana to receive swimming lessons in order for him to apply to the Junior Police Ranger program. 

Officer in Charge of the Junior Police Rangers, First Class Constable Ben Higgins has watched Ansumana grow and mature over the past three years.

“Since coming to Australia and becoming involved in the program Ansumana has adapted to his new home and learnt that he could leave the trouble he was accustomed to in Liberia behind.”

Ansumana received the Junior Police Rangers Most Improved Award and said the program “has taught him that he can be a good leader to his friends and family and teach them the right path and encourage them to do the right thing.”

Principal Moore has praised the program and said it has given Ansumana the courage to have a go at things and be a stronger person, “because of that he is now one of our Year 9 leaders.”

The Junior Police Rangers program has been running for 27 years and has produced many exceptional leaders in the community across a wide range of professions.

“Ansumana has set a high standard of discipline for the younger Junior Police Rangers and has developed into a role model for his peers and the community and most notably the refugee community as a whole.” Constable Higgins said.

Ansumana said he plans on becoming a Northern Territory Police Officer once he finishes high school and continue to be a role model in the community.