Having a ball in Lajamanu

21 June 2012
Students from the local School in Lajamanu could hardly contain their excitement when they had a visit from Constable First Class Ward Tucker for a Blue-Light Disco, but the surprise of the zorb ball and the concept of zorbing took that excitement to another level.
Constable First Class Ward Tucker getting the zorb ball ready
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For the uninitiated, zorbing is the sport of rolling down a hill in a large transparent ball. The zorb itself is one transparent ball inside another with a layer of air in-between acting as a shock absorber for the rider. Zorbing is normally seen as an extreme sport and participants use big steep hills to boost the adrenaline rush, but it is also a fun and increasingly popular leisure pastime.

With the help of Senior Constable Marcus Tilbrook and staff from the School, including Principal Juliette Keefe, every child had a turn taking the zorb for a run. You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful sunny dry season day and the well-kept lawns at the School proved to be an excellent roving ground for the zorb—without a puncture to be had. Working in pairs the students found they could get up quite a speed and some worked out that effective cooperation meant they could chase a teacher or two around the grounds.

It certainly looks like a lot of fun, and if the big smiles spreading from ear to ear on the kids faces are anything to go by, they were having a ball! The hardest part for the students was waiting for the zorb to get pumped-up enough to roll and then seeing it deflated after such an enjoyable day.