Fire and Rescue new rank markings

14 June 2012
The Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service have introduced new rank insignia.
New Fire and Rescue insignia
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Chief Fire Officer and Director, Steve Rothwell said the new markings not only make the identification of key personnel on the ground easier, but Firefighters from recruit through to A-class now have markings to reflect their experience within the organisation.

“C-, B- and A-class Firefighters are being provided with chevrons while D and recruit Firefighters will be acknowledged with wording.

“While Senior Firefighters and Leading Firefighters were afforded one or two bars respectively, this had little alignment with other fire services and did not showcase their standing within the organisation.

New Fire and Rescue insignia chart

“The new markings will see Senior Firefighters awarded three chevrons with crossed axes whilst the Leading Firefighter, signifying their progression towards Station Officer will be assigned one impellor.

“Auxiliary and Volunteer Captains and Vice Captains are afforded impellors albeit in another colour whilst their Firefighter contingent can attain up to a maximum of three bars, one for each five years of service.

“This acknowledgement of Auxiliary and Volunteer status and service periods officially recognises not only their experience, but also their commitment and dedication to the Fire Service and the community” Chief Fire Officer Rothwell said.

Changes also occur across helmet colours and affixed identifiers, again signifying the individual’s role and status within the organisation.

The roll out of the new rank markings throughout the Fire Service will be occurring throughout June 2012.