Bushies vs Police 2012 Harts Range cricket match weekend

15 May 2012
This year the crowd were treated to 2 matches: The inaugural Harts Range Softball Competition, Bushies vs. Townies. Followed by the annual Cricket Match Bushies vs. Police. In both matches the Bushies were victors for 2012.
Bushies vs Police softball
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Beautiful weather was experienced all weekend, with the ladies kicking off their match at 10:30am. Softball gear was generously loaned by the local school (thanks Edward!) and we even managed to score a T Ball frame, so softball rules with T Ball pitching was adopted. Local store manage Leo was appointed the umpire to settle all female disputes and what a brave man he was. Thanks also to Andrew Agnew for scoring.

The end score was 17 runs to 13, Bushies way after 2 innings.

Players for the Bushies: Lucy Goldspink, Keryl Evans, Rhonda Barber, Sarah Agnew, Lucy May McGlynn, Jo Fogarty, Liz Bird, Bec Cadzow.

Players for the Townies: Cate Coffey, Gabby Coffey, Annie Coffey, Cassandra Ling, Stacey Nietschke, Isobel Mercorella, Courtney Burford.

A lovely lunch was then put on by the Harts Range Race Club Committee ladies and by 1:00pm the fellas were in to their game.

Bushies won the toss and they sent the Police in to bat, knowing their strength was in their run making. Opening for the Police were Lyndon Johnson and Greg Oberg who set the pace well for the team, with the players making 30 and 27 respectively (30 is our retiring mark). Next up was local copper Tex Meecham who was only able to make 2 runs after being caught and bowled by Jamie Evans . . . no regos for Yambah now.


Cam then came in and made 15 before Dingo Dennis bowled him a slow one which Spook Barber was able to take. Edward the HR School principal was then sent in to make some runs and he was there for a while and made 12 before being bowled by Wayne. The next 2 players then made some impact. Leo from the store and young James Ling (14 yrs, Murray Pest Control). Obviously James plays in town on the weekend and with youth on his side, he starred all day in the battling, fielding and bowling. Leo made 23 and James 21. The only other 2 batsmen to face balls were Daniel Ling (who got out for a duck) and Scott Nicolson who made 2 runs. Nigel ‘Fridge’ Westerhuis and Mark Coffey never faced any balls due to the limited overs. Final score was 154.

After a short drinks break the Bushies sent in Brad ‘Gibbo’ and James ‘Griffo’ (how confusing) to open. Gibbo made 8 before being bowled by Leo and Griffo 20 was caught Mark Coff, bowled Edward. Wayno then stepped up and made 29 before being bowled by Cam. Malcolm Chalmers then walked out, got thirsty, made one run and was bowled out, a quick session for Malc.

Jamie Evans was then sent in to save the day and with his consistency in batting made 30 and retired and with Andrew Agnew who made 21 they boosted the Bushies score. Quiet achiever Dingo came in and managed 3 before being run out and fellow Landmark man Luke Atton came out all in white and made a whole 1 before being bowled by Lyndon. With fellow batsmen Troy, Anthony and Spook all the bushies had to do was stay in and get a few runs...while the scorer added up the totals! Final score before all overs were bowled (cos the Police were thirsty) was 163 runs.

Awards went to the following players:

Best for Bushies: Jamie Evans retired with 30 runs, caught and bowled 1, 1 for 13

Best for Police: Lyndon Johnson retired with 30 runs, bowled 3 out, 3 for 20

Many thanks to our umpire for the afternoon Steve Cadzow from Mt Riddock.

Thanks also to Steve for the grounds maintenance too!

And again, thanks to the ladies for the yummy meal on Sunday night.