Wings get a prayer

02 August 2011
Tri-services chaplain Peter Wright gave the traditional blessing to the newest member of the Northern Territory Police Air Section on the 29th of July.
Chief Pilot Philip Agg, Chaplain Peter Wright
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The new aircraft is a Pilatus PC-12/47E NG and replaces the old Pilatus PC-12 which has given 10 years of service to the top end air wing.

The next generation aircraft will give the police a much improved plane with a higher payload, state of the avionics systems and greater short take off and landing (STOL) capabilities, making it ideal for the work ahead on some remote and rough airstrips across the Northern Territory.

Predominately to be used to provide air transport for police to and from remote locations the air wing can respond to many situations as they arise.

Search and rescue, surveillance, rapid deployment for remote emergencies and prisoner transfers are all possible for this sleek work horse of the air.