20th anniversary of police auxiliaries in the NT

16 May 2012
Good Friday, the 6th April 2012, marked the 20th Anniversary of NT Police Auxiliaries.

A Police Auxiliary is a sworn member whose duties do not call for a fully trained police officer, but require specialist support and expertise. They wear the same identifying uniform as that of a Police Constable and get to enjoy many of the great conditions the Northern Territory Police has to offer.

An Auxiliary Officer is often in a front line role dealing with members of the public such as Communications, Front Counter and Watch House duties. The role can also be quite varied and you will find an Auxiliary Officer in many additional police support functions such as Speed Cameras, NTPFES College, Forensics and Juvenile Diversion Unit.

One of the members from Squad One is now a Sergeant, who was recently transferred to Alice Springs.  Sisters Sharmini Edwards (Squad 1) and Roshini Wilson both joined as Police Auxiliaries. Sharmini is now an AO3 after staying in uniform for around 5 years.  Roshi joined in 1994 and is still in the job.

Russell Swan retired in July 2011 after just over 19 years.

Squad 2 also had some members who have only just resigned in the last year. Denise Amey was one of the longest serving, retiring 9 months before her 20 years.

Several other members made the transition to Constable.

The backgrounds of members that joined ranged from nurses, hospitality, taxi operator, real estate, chefs, Defence, beauty therapist and dairy farming just to name a few. Some are married to police officers and fire members and do a wonderful job in the Northern Territory Police Force.