Crime Stoppers

Traffic offences – Northern region

Friday 10-May-2019 11:37

Police from Northern Traffic Operations have located 14 people travelling in a utility during traffic patrols from Katherine to Wadeye yesterday.

Police apprehended the utility and observed six passengers in the rear tray, four passengers on the roof, and four passengers across the rear seat. The passengers included a number of women and children and the only person wearing a seatbelt was the driver.

The vehicle was subsequently defected and multiple infringement notices were issued.

A total of 54 infringement notices were issued during the traffic patrol for:

  • 2 x Child Unrestrained
  • 35 x Adult Passenger Fail To Wear Seat Belt
  • 2 x Exceed Speed 1-15km/H Over Limit
  • 3 x Drive With Expired Licence More Than 2 Months
  • 2 x Drive No "L" Plates Displayed
  • 1 x Drive Unregistered Motor Vehicle Less Than 12 Months
  • 4 x Passenger Ride On Outside Of Vehicle
  • 6 x Passenger Travel In Open Load Space

Senior Sergeant Angela Stringer of the Road Policing Unit said police can only do so much so keep people safe on the roads and the rest is up to the public.

“Driving with overcrowded vehicles is dangerous and if you have a crash it is highly likely that multiple people will die. The likelihood of other serious injuries like brain damage, life altering spinal injuries, amputations is also high.

“It’s time we all take responsibility and drive so others survive.”