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Large fines issued to Territory motorists

Thursday 02-May-2019 15:45

Northern Territory Police are urging drivers to be safe on Territory roads following multiple serious crashes.

In the past two weeks there has been two road deaths and a man remains in hospital after he was hit by a car in Yarrawonga last night. Despite this, some road users are still showing total disregard for road rules.

Police detected a 33-year-old man travelling at 153 kilometres per hour in a 100 kilometre zone on Tiger Brennan Drive in Hidden Valley last night. The man lost six demerit points and he was issued a $1040 fine.

Separately, a 29-year-old woman was located driving on Forrest Parade, Bellamack in an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle yesterday. She was later located driving the same vehicle to collect her children from school. She received two fines of $500 and $800 respectively.

Commander Matthew Hollamby said 11 people have died on our roads this year and behaviours like this don’t make our roads a safer place. 

“In the lead up to National Road Safety Week, police reiterate that the road rules are in place for the safety of the community,” he said.

“Territorians must ensure they are responsible on the roads by adhering to the road rules and respecting all other road users.”