Crime Stoppers

Graduation day for three hairy recruits

Friday 29-Mar-2019 13:32

Three of the Northern Territory Police Force’s hairiest recruits will be fully fledged police officers after graduating today.

Patrol Dogs and brothers Freddy and Fitzy have completed 18 months of intensive training and assessment, alongside Drug Detection Dog, Kanga.

The trio will be based in Darwin with their handlers.

“These three dogs are the first to be developed by NT Police from puppies to an operational level,” said Commander Bruce Porter, College Command.

“Previously, we’ve received dogs that have already been trained from other agencies such as Customs and Australian Border Force, and Australasian police jurisdictions.

“So not only do we now have operational police dogs that have been able to bond with their human colleagues from their early stages of life; we also have police officers who have gained many new skills that will position them to continue developing young dogs to an operational level.”

Freddy, Fitzy and Kanga all arrived in Australia from New Zealand around the end of 2017.

Sergeant Stephen Pike from New Zealand Police has also played an integral role in working with our handlers for the past 18 months, providing guidance and insight into the unique work and training of police dogs.

Meanwhile, resident Alice Springs Patrol Dog Loki who was recruited from New Zealand Police as a more mature dog, was presented with an honour award at the graduation ceremony.

The star performer and March’s Dog of the Month has been in Darwin for the last three weeks undergoing re-certification requirements. While he was in town, he was presented with the award to recognise his significant achievements since he began with the Northern Territory Police Force in June 2018.

“Loki has been a valuable member of our unit since his first day on the job,” Commander Porter said.

“He has assisted in the apprehension of numerous offenders, with involvement in over 615 incidents.

“Loki has had a huge positive impact on the work being done by general duties officers and specialist areas in tracking, detaining and arresting offenders of violent and serious crimes.

“Even as a fleeing domestic violence offender assaulted him, Loki remained focussed and in control until the male was taken into police custody.”