Crime Stoppers

Caught red handed by police

Wednesday 20-Mar-2019 12:25

Northern Territory Police have charged four offenders following an alleged attempted unlawful entry of a licensed premises last night.

It is alleged that the four females, aged 43, 37, 34 and 27, became intoxicated and attempted to smash a glass door to a Darwin city licensed premises with a large rock; with one offender preparing a wheelie bin with hopes of using it to carry stolen alcohol.

Police arrived during the incident and apprehended all of the offenders. They were arrested and charged with:

  • 1 x aggravated unlawful entry – Building (attempt)
  • 1 x criminal damage

All four women have been remanded in custody to appear at 2.00 pm today.

“These women are visiting Darwin from outlying regional Northern Territory and, with conduct like this, are disrespecting legitimate business owners and Larrakia Hosts” said Superintendent Gavin Kennedy.