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Territory Day 2019

Friday 28-Jun-2019 17:44

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services wish all Territorians and visitors a happy Territory Day for Monday.

The Territory is the only place in Australia where, for one day a year, the public can purchase and set off fireworks.

Fireworks are able to be let off between 6pm and 11pm on Monday 1 July. It is recommended that you only buy enough fireworks that you can safely use during this time. They will be available for purchase between 9am and 9pm.

In 2018, from 6:00pm until Midnight, staff at the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services Joint Emergency Services Communications Centre took 1250 calls. Of those calls, 287 were made to the Police Assistance Line, 154 to triple-zero and 809 to Fire and Rescue, an overall increase compared with the previous year.

Fines have increased to $1570 for the possession and use of fireworks outside the approved period and for throwing, igniting or exploding a firework in a way likely to damage property or injure a person or animal. Last year, Northern Territory Police issued 44 infringement notices.

Anyone found lighting fireworks before 6:00pm and after 11:00pm on Monday 1 July will be infringed.

Chief Fire Officer and Regional Coordinator Mark Spain AFSM said: “We need to ensure that adults are exercising effective supervision over children who may be either letting off fireworks or in the general area where others are letting them off”.

“We encourage all members of the community to ensure all fireworks are used in line with any instructions or warnings as prescribed by the manufacturer.”

“It is recommended that either buckets of water or a working hose are kept in close –proximity to any areas where fireworks are being let off. This will ensure that any fire which starts as a result of a firework can be quickly extinguished.”

The approved period to possess fireworks is until 12pm on Tuesday 2 July 2019, to allow the public time to hand in their unused fireworks. Unused fireworks deteriorate with age and become unsafe.

To dispose of unused fireworks, please visit NT Worksafe at one of their office locations in either Darwin, Katherine or Alice Springs, alternatively you can call them on 1800 019 115.