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Traffic charges - Alice Springs

Thursday 10-Jan-2019 10:52

Northern Territory Police have issued a hefty fine to a woman driver after she was found driving with 10 unrestrained children.

On January 3, members of the Southern Traffic Operations Unit observed the woman driving on Sadadeen Road and on closer inspection saw a number of children jumping around the cabin of the vehicle.

Officers stopped the driver on Bagot Street and found 10 children under the age of 16 unrestrained, including a child under the age of one, sitting on the front passenger’s lap.

The driver received a $5040 fine and was issued with 30 demerit points.

Senior Constable First Class Ivan Petrovic slammed the actions of the driver.

“How someone can knowingly drive a vehicle in which their passengers are unrestrained is beyond me, said Snr Cstbl 1/C Petrovic

“Seatbelts are designed to save your life and prevent serious injuries in the case of a traffic crash. Having a number of unrestrained children in the vehicle is irresponsible and reckless on the adults’ behalf.

“Had they been involved in any kind of crash, the infant sitting in the front could have been seriously injured if not killed.”

The incident follows the arrest of a woman who was found to be driving with a high range blood alcohol content after a minor crash Tuesday morning.

Around 8am police were called to Dixon Road where a vehicle had ploughed into a fence.

Officers from the Southern Traffic Operations Unit located the vehicle in the middle of the road facing into oncoming traffic.

The driver returned a positive roadside breath test of 0.228per cent.

She has been charged with one count each of Driving Disqualified, Unregistered and Uninsured and Driving with a High Range Blood Alcohol Content and has been bailed to appear in court today.