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Targeting secondary supply - Katherine

Thursday 10-Jan-2019 15:28

Katherine’s first Police Auxiliary Liquor Inspectors (PALI) are already hard at work in the town following their graduation just before Christmas.

The PALIs, supported by members from the Alcohol Policing Unit, conducted an operation in Katherine and the surrounding area from 3 – 7 January. Operation Convent was aimed at identifying and preventing the secondary supply of alcohol in the region, as well as inspections at licensed premises in Katherine and Mataranka.

“We’re incredibly pleased with the work of our newest officers,” Detective Sergeant Jakson Evans said.

“The work undertaken by the PALIs as part of Operation Convent appears to have had a significant impact on antisocial behaviour and public drunkenness in the town.”

During the five day targeted operation two people were arrested, one person was taken into protective custody and four people were cautioned.

Police also made three Banned Drinker Register referrals and five Banned Drinker Register extensions, asked 17 people to move on from their location.

“It is a serious offence to sell liquor without a licence and attracts a penalty of up to 12 months imprisonment and a substantial fine,” Detective Sergeant Evans said.

“Police will continue to use all available resources and strategies to target these offences and will seek maximum penalties for those prosecuted.”

Offenders involved in secondary supply face the seizure of all items involved in such offences, including vehicles. Police also searched a vehicle and destroyed liquor as part of Op Convent.

“To help our officers keep protecting the Katherine community, we’d encourage everyone to report all suspected instances of illicit alcohol sales by calling 131 444,” Detective Sergeant Evans said.