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Traffic charges - Southern region

Friday 22-Feb-2019 15:47

Northern Territory Police are urging motorists to slow down on remote roads after several drivers were recorded travelling at excessive speeds on the Lasseter Highway this week.

Officers from the Southern Traffic Operations Unit issued four motorists with Notice To Appear for speed related offences.

Sergeant Conan Robertson of the Southern Traffic Operations Unit said motorists attitude to high speeds and their own safety were too blasé.

“We need motorists not to be concerned with being caught by Police for speeding, but to be concerned about what would happened to them if they were to crash while travelling at that speed,” said Sgt Robertson.

“In some instances, motorists were found to be driving 45kmph above the speed limit. It doesn’t seem to worry some people that if they crash while travelling at these speeds in these remote areas, you are a long way from help.”

A 26-year-old female was issued with a Notice To Appear for Driving at a Dangerous Speed after she was clocked travelling 109kmph in a 60kmph zone at Mt Ebeneezer on Tuesday afternoon.

Not long after, police issued an infringement notice to an international tourist who was recorded travelling 169kmph in a 110kmph zone on the Lasseter Highway.

Officers observed the tourist drive off at speed, and later detected him travelling 107kmph in an 80kmph zone, and issued him with another traffic infringement, “If Police had caught him again they would probably have had to arrest him”, said Sgt Robertson.

On Wednesday morning, a 23-year-old male Learner driver was stopped after he was detected travelling 183kmph in a 110kmph zone. The man’s vehicle was found to be unregistered and uninsured, the driver had failed to display his L plates and had no licenced passenger. He was issued with a Notice To Appear and conveyed to the nearby community.

The same driver was issued a second infringement notice after he was stopped in the same unregistered and uninsured vehicle with no L plates displayed, that afternoon.

Police stopped a 25-year-old man for driving unlicensed, and later that afternoon detected a 26-year-old man travelling 176kmph in a 130kmph zone with unsecured loose objects in the tray of his ute. The driver was issued with a Notice to Appear in relation to Driving at a Dangerous Speed and failing to secure his load.