Crime Stoppers

Lock it or lose it - Alice Springs

Tuesday 05-Feb-2019 16:59

Police are urging Alice Springs residents to ensure they have secured their car and property after a number property offences were reported overnight.

Reports were received of offenders unlawfully entering properties and checking for unlocked vehicles in the Desert Springs areas.

Further reports were received of offenders checking cars and front doors in the Sadadeen area.

"Offenders entered several properties in the Sadadeen area,” said Superintendent Pauline Vicary

“We have reports of offenders attempting to break in to a home and two reports of unlawful entries where evidence suggests the offenders had searched the home but nothing was stolen.

“Another residence was unlawfully entered and a set of car keys were stolen and the offenders were attempting to push the vehicle out of the driveway when they were disturbed by the neighbour and ran off.”

“Alice Springs Police continue to respond to reports of suspicious persons and reports of property crime.

“Unlawful entry reports are investigated and where offenders are identified appropriate action is taken through arrest, notice to appear, summons, or where relevant when a youth is involved, youth diversion,” said Superintendent Vicary.

"We also need our community to assist to prevent these incidents and we urge residents to take the extra precaution and not make it easy for these opportunistic offenders. Don’t leave your car keys in the ignition or in a place where these people are likely to find them."

“Please ensure your doors locked, even if you’re home. These offenders can be quite brazen in their actions and will check the front door regardless if someone is home.”

"Look out for your home and vehicle as well as your neighbours and report any incidents that occur".

There is great home and vehicle security advice on the Neighbourhood Watch NT website - visit for more information.