Crime Stoppers

Update - Additional resources responding to community unrest

Thursday 13-Sep-2018 09:26

Police deployed additional resources to two East Arnhem communities yesterday after members were allegedly deliberately targeted by minority groups in both communities.

Police in Millingimbi are working with the community to quell a small minority who have been targeting local police during hours of darkness. Members from Millingimbi have reported having rocks thrown and slingshots fired at themselves, vehicles and buildings causing extensive damage to local infrastructure.

Police were not the only victims in this matter with these few individuals significantly disrupting community harmony. Overnight calm has been restored with five offenders arrested. These offenders range in ages from 12 – 19 years old.

In Alyangula police have noted increased animosity towards them and particularly the drug detection dogs by a minority who are reportedly dissatisfied about routine police operations preventing the supply of illicit substances.

Yesterday Alyangula members reported spear and rock throwing towards members of the Dog Operations Unit and police vehicles at the Groote Eylandt Airport.

While there no injuries have been reported and there are no security concerns at Groote Eylandt Airport or within the townships, it remains a priority for police to mitigate the threatening behaviour of the offending minority.

“Our preference is and will remain to work with local community groups to bring about peaceful solutions with local stakeholders and community elders,” Commander of Northern Command Tony Fuller said.

“However our message to those individuals causing community disharmony is we are not going away and our police are not to be used as the target of any frustration.

“If individuals want to target our members then we will respond and arrest those that are responsible for compromising the safety of police and community members whom we are there to serve and protect.”