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Mataranka alcohol seizure
Crime Stoppers

Alcohol seized - Mataranka

Monday 19-Nov-2018 11:45

Late last week, Northern Territory Police made multiple alcohol seizures in Matakana.

Mataranka Remote Sergeant Thomas Chalk said last Friday night, 16 November 2018, during a mobile patrol of the area by Police, three separate traffic apprehensions resulted in the seizure of 82 litres of alcohol.

“Police believe the alcohol was destined for an Alcohol Protection Area (APA),” Sergeant Chalk said.

On the previous night, Thursday 15 November 2018, Mataranka Police located a vehicle within an APA and seized 22 cans of beer, after police found a female sitting in the passenger seat drinking alcohol.

The vehicle was seized and an application to have the vehicle forfeited is being made.

The 50-year-old female was issued with a notice to appear for:

  • high range drink driving
  • driving unlicensed
  • driving unsafe motor vehicle
  • bring and possess liquor in alcohol protected area

“This is a timely reminder to the public that Police have these legal provisions available to them and any person conveying alcohol within an APA could have their vehicle seized and forfeited,” Sergeant Chalk said.