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NT Police Youth Custody Policy Under Review

Thursday 08-Nov-2018 14:02

Northern Territory Police are investigating a complaint of the actions of police in relation to a serious custody incident involving a 14-year-old youth in late October 2018.

This incident was captured on CCTV and Body-Worn Video. It is not related to current Don Dale matters. 

The complaint is being investigated by the Police Standards Command, oversighted by the Northern Territory Ombudsman. Complaints are classified by the Ombudsman in consultation with the Commander of the Police Standards Command, according to the level of response considered necessary to appropriately resolve the complaint.

The matter currently being investigated has been assessed as a Category 1 investigation. This category is for the most serious allegations, that is, “serious complaints relating to alleged serious misconduct or maladministration”. It requires the Northern Territory Police to investigate and report to the Ombudsman who will independently assess both the thoroughness of the investigation and the recommendations arising.

Commander of Police Standards Command, Danny Bacon, said while this matter is being investigated, Northern Territory Police are continuing to conduct a complete review of custody procedures with respect to young people, in addition to its broader work relating to the recommendations arising from the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory.