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Police officers assaulted - Wadeye

Thursday 01-Nov-2018 16:57

A man and a woman have been charged after five police officers were allegedly assaulted in Wadeye.

It is alleged that yesterday afternoon, Wadeye police responded to a call involving a male armed with a hammer threatening a female. Six members attended and spoke with both parties.

It is believed the male then bit two officers on their arms while they attempted to arrest him. The female then threw rocks at the officers, narrowly missing three of the officers’ heads, before arming herself with a steel pole.

Police allege the female approached them while swinging the pole, attempting to strike them. She was eventually disarmed and arrested.

The male was subdued, arrested and placed in the rear of a police van.

Two members received bite injuries and were assessed and treated at the local health clinic.

Both alleged offenders have been charged with:

  • Go Armed in Public
  • Assault Police
  • Resist Police
  • Aggravated Assault.

Both the male and female have been remanded in custody to appear at Darwin Local Court tomorrow. They will be flown out from Wadeye to Darwin this afternoon on a commercial charter with five police escorts.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Narelle Beer said that assaulting police officers will not be tolerated.

“Assaulting anyone in their line of duty is completely unacceptable,” she said.

“We all have jobs to do and facing the threat of being assaulted while at work is not okay.

“Police officers swear to protect and serve and to do this, they must sometimes put their lives on the line. This alone commands respect and families have the right to expect that their loved ones will return home after a day’s work.”